How long does the custom process take?

After the one-hour consultation, the garment will take approximately 4-6 weeks to be produced. 

We can accommodate “rush” orders upon request at an additional fee.


How does pricing work?

Our prices are extremely competitive and often times lower than our competition, especially when it comes to our higher end fabrics. Custom made-to-measure suits start at $1095 and one-piece garments start at $650. Fabric & hardware upgrades and other enhancements can increase pricing.


Why should I invest in a custom garment?

When you purchase from a department store or chain retailer, you will be offered cookie cutter, lower quality garments. Finer suits in better department stores often cost two or three times the price of a mid-range custom garment. When you go to a seasoned custom clothier, they will offer knowledge, expert guidance and a selection of high quality fabrics and hardware. Your custom suit will fit better and provide you with a unique garment unavailable anywhere!


Is there a more affordable option?

Our ready-to-wear collection is perfect for those on a tighter budget! These garments come in standard menswear sizing with a drop-six waste (meaning the pants are 6 sizes smaller than the jacket). The pants are typically unhemned leaving room for them to be altered to you height and liking. Ready-to-wear suits are a great option for wedding parties, prom/homecoming, and everyday wear.


What's the difference between made-to-measure suits and ready-to-wear suits?

Made to measure suits are garments meticulously constructed from the specific measurements of your body. This results in a better fitting suit. And because of the hand-made nature of these suits, your requests for particular customizations such as fabric design, button colors, lapel shape and color, inner-jacket lining, the overall fit/cut of suit, etc can be accommodated (and is strongly encouraged!).

Ready-to-wear suits or "off the rack" suits come in standard menswear sizing with a drop-six waste (meaning the pants are 6 sizes smaller than the jacket). The pants are typically unhemmed leaving room for them to be altered to you height and liking. For this reason, these suits are more affordable.


Do you provide tuxedo rentals for groomsmen?

We do not provide suit rentals, but we do have a variety of ready-to-wear suits for your wedding party which come at a more affordable rate. It's a great option for those desiring to keep the garment they paid for rather than having to return it  after one use!


Do you make suits for women?

Yes! We make custom suits, blazer dress, tuxedo gowns, shirts/blouses, skirt suits, jackets, overcoats, etc.


Do you work with clients outside of Richmond, Va?

We have clients all over the country. Our showroom is in Richmond, Va but we will travel to your city to meet your custom clothing needs, at a fee. Please reach out to schedule a meeting in your city. We would love to meet you!


How often should I have my suit dry cleaned?

You should have your suit dry cleaned no more than 2 times a year.  Dry cleaning chemicals are harsh and deteriorate your garments over time.  A clear indication that a garment has been dry cleaned too often is when an unattractive “shine” to your suits is noticeable.

Instead of frequent dry cleaning, you should ask for a “steam press” and spot clean when needed. The press will leave your suit looking fresh and clean and the high temperature from the steam will kill most bacteria & odor. We recommend a steam press every 3 wears of a suit.


If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Call 804-709-5682.