David, also known as The Suit Brother, is a 40 year old husband, father of eight and men’s fashion designer based in Richmond, Va by way of Atlanta, Ga. His designs have graced several runways, red carpet events, tv shows, and even a few celebrities such as Nick Canon, Slick Rick, After 7 and Don Benjamin, to name a few. From tuxedo dresses to a Beauty & The Beast inspired blazer for a Disney wedding, his talent and creativity know no bounds.

He got his love of fashion from his father who began modeling as a hobby in his early twenties. After 32 years in the postal service, his father retired and opened the family business, a retail menswear store front committed to providing high-quality, luxury men’s wear. David closely watched his father’s every move and a few years later, joined to expand the online presence and spearhead the e-commerce site.

When it comes to style and precision, TheSuitBrother has his foot on the industry’s neck and he’s not letting up. A true fashion savant in a lane of his own, David is just getting started.

“Fashion has no rules. Wear

what you want!” - TheSuitBrother